Whatever sort of debate, if I am not interested in the topic or I feel not doing it, I’ll just simply hate it!

I can’t do PR I guess, I mean what’s the point of being a PR person when I don’t even know how to debate? I don’t like to write letters, Press releases, etc. I don’t even like to give speech or presentation. What? Am I just too stupid to choose PR as my major? I have no idea man!

I guess, now is the time for me to come to this realization that I actually not capable to face any challenges. I have did or at least tried my best. Yup, still doing my best yet I couldn’t see myself as PR person five years along the road… really…

What am I going to do then? Argh, why does this debate-hatred lead to this kind of desperate feeling?!?

Miehhh~~ anyway, going to sleep now! Life flies so fast recently, feel like I will only have little time in this world… miehh~~ wad is that?