Well, the title of this post might just seems like B-day? Birthday? No, it’s actually Bad Day…

At 9 a.m. this morning, I almost lost my life or at least my right hand because of this so careless bus driver. I might be part of who the blames are supposed to be, yet she is the one who is supposed to be careful and act responsibly too.

So, here is the story goes…

I was in rush that I wait the last two people coming out from the back door of the bus. This was also because the driver has closed the front door, so I decided to take the back door. But, what unlucky or I should say this is my fault. The back door seems going to close that I try to get off from the bus before it clamped myself. Yet, my right hand was still holding the grip inside bus while the door just closed! My right hand was clamped! OH MY GOD… Luckily there’s two passers by that help me to ask the driver to open the door before it started to drive like super-irresponsible fast. I couldn’t imagine I would become when I was really have my hand stucked in the door and the bus just drive on…

But, that let me learn to be more aware of this kind of rules that NEVER USE BACKDOOR TO GO ONBOARD!


finished with recruitment 🙂

Next –> Planning, Scheduling, Meeting, Executing, Evaluating, Appreciating….

Gotta lotza things ahead! Ganbatte kudasai ne!