Let go of the past and focus on your dreams for the future. You’ve been carrying this pain for too long. The fact is, you can decide to be happy or decide to be sad. Which will it be?

Of course we’ll chose to pursue happiness, but will it be that easy to do that?

Well, we can say we want to let go the past, yet that past will still be there as vague memory any how. It will still be recalled whenever there’s something that relate to it, and we can’t just ignore it that easily. Letting go will not be the best choice, if I will be the one who decide. I will not let it go, because sometimes that pain will remind you that you are alive. That pain someday will turn out to be something you will appreciate and let you feel what is the real happiness is about. Even when that pain may lead you to the point that you feel unappreciate as human, or even that pain may make you lose everything you believe in, one day it will become something that shape who you will be. Will you become worse or not? It depends on how you deal with it. You will get the blast of courage once you know when to get up and appreciate yourself. You will realize that pain isn’t necessarily tear yourself apart. It just makes you getting stronger and stronger.You may appreciate the pain you’ve gotten through as you will not care about it anymore if that happens again. If you let it go, you will tell yourself, “let it go,” implies you won’t be that stupid to suffer from it again. But who knows, anything can happen. What if it came to you again? Will you have the courage to say “let it go..” again?

In other words, what I meant here is that we have to always bring this pain we have in the past with us, not to be defeated by it, but you just bring it along. So, as you encounter such pain again, you will remind yourself, you have defeated that pain before, why not this time? Wouldn’t this make you a stronger person?