If I know it is so hard to become somebody, I wouldn’t choose to be one.

If I know life is this much entangle, I wouldn’t choose to receive one…

If I know effort is so torturing, I wouldn’t choose to be brave one.

If I know love is this complicated and hypocrite, I wouldn’t choose to feel one…

If I know truth is so meaningless, I wouldn’t choose to believe in one.

If I know lost is this much anguished , I wouldn’t choose to possess one..

Are these statements true? Well, some have been engraved inside me that may or may not be changed. Not open-minded, too insecure, whatever it is I don’t care about what others will think. I guess these are true for most of us.

Pin-point regrets? Not really. These are just guidance so that we can put our thought properly before going about doing those things. If not, yeah, we may end up regretting it.