I am so not in mood at all!

Darn! Tomorrow, will I have time to do all these stuffs???? arghh, why all the deadlines come together? I am so fed up with all these man!

Anyway, because of my no-mood-doing-anything, I was chatting with my old friend.. hahaha, we haven’t been contacting each other for quite some time.

So, the whole converstation begin with the updates! Yeah well, nothing much.. we are still having our problem of getting the right one. hahaha, so we started-off our stupid appealing conversation…

Disclaimer: There’s no intention to harm any party, so please just take it lightly.. 🙂 Like I said, it’s just stupid appealing conversation 🙂

D :nanana i;m so not goin to trust guy
D :haha
d: eo
d: and why is that?
D: n i’m not so goin to take them seriously
D: haha coz they never even think about what they do
D: so immature
D: i need to find older guy haha
D: to comfort me.. lols
d: om om?
D: tua as in mature blh la
D: 30 gw dun mind haha
d: buset dah!

D: how can u find a good guy here? haha
D: decent guy?
d: me?
D: here i mean
d: shld i find a guy as well?
D: no u should NOT
d: a gay guy is usually really good
d: hahahaha!
D: i banned u from doin that
D: hahaha, but true, i need to find a gay friend haha
d: NOOO!
D: then i can treat him as my bf if i feel doing so.. haha
d: i banned u from that
D: why why?

d: coz they might fall in love with ur bf or husband hahahahahaha!

D: mwahhaa.. i said when i still haven’t had one mah, so it’s okay..
if i have bf, i’ll find him a decent guy also :p see.. what a good deal lol…

So, that’s just our interesting conversation of the day! I find it quite true though, like it’s so difficult to find someone who can be there for you, understand you and then without you feeling not comfortable as maybe when you are with your bf or gf… hahhaa, anyway, we’re just being so bored and disappointed with a lot of things happening recently..

Again, dun take this seriously k? This is just our long-time-no-see buddies chat! 😉


feel like to find one though :p

Thanks to d to get me up from this boring state of having too many assignments to do.. 😉