I am in the midst of exam and to be exact I am trapped among the dazzling notes of my next next paper.. yup, it’s not typo, not my next paper, but my next next… lalala gotta start my next paper tomorrow!

Anyway, I just can’t resist myself to write again since the long break… haizz, at the moment, I feel the rate of my brain deterioration is getting higher than usual. T_T I am stuck whenever I tried to explain something to my friends. Well, this is a critical problem that I need to solve as soon as possible before my next paper. Wew.. if not I might end up stoning in my seat in the exam. Which is bad!! Essays and essays.. dame dame…


Hm, feel like posting something about something that I contemplate about these few days. It is about the belief of change. Everything do change, just how fast it change and whether or not we realize the change. Whether the change make any significant influence to us or not, whether the change is something we yearn for or not. It is just a matter of thought. The thought that we crafted inside this little small locus of our brain – memory.

People do change, and I bemoan the current state. Sometimes I asked myself, what I did wrong that cause this situation, or what have happened during the process which led him or her to change or myself to change to a reverse situation that I have hoped for. well, it’s not as if the situation turn out so badly that I blame myself. Many things when they started to follow my plan, within a second, slap me back to reality. Not everything will go as what you plan.

Yet, I still bemoan this situation. I asked myself, is it worth for when I terminate my efforts and just let the situation turn me down. So, I attempted my best to fix it, step by step, till I realize I was simply unable to change anything.

People has changed. He has changed. She has changed. They have changed. So, I must have been too slow to know those changes, the reason why I still haven’t changed. I decided, I will move on, and not to look back. As I always tell myself, if something are meant for my own good, it will come back. If something are meant to be here and stay, it will make a turn around and decided  this is better place.

If not, it probably, surely has been changed for the good, for the best!

If not, there should be something out there which change and are meant to be cherished as well!


Yup, I am wasting my time! THanks! I am wasting your time too! Thanks!



exam syndrome~

rhyn 🙂