If you take one time break and sort down your wish list, I bet it will be a long one. I have never tried it before, but I know I will have such a long list of wishes. However, most of them may just come-and-go wish. You may wish to have it today but not tomorrow, or you may wish it now but you forget about it the next minute.But, I am sure there must be some precious wishes of yours that always in your heart and soul not your brain. Because brain will choose to find balance with reality but deep inside our hearts, I don’t know.

I myself have never want to list down my wish items as I think they will be just deleted one by one. The reason is simple that it will be too naive and greedy to have all my wishes to come true. Why should there be so many wishes then? In the first place, they should not be there if they are only going to be deleted anyway…

Well, I see wishes are there to be with us, to accompany us in this lonesome life sometimes. Wish is to be there for us to move forward and make another wish, again and again just like a chain. Care nothing but the feeling that drives you to go out and fulfill your wishes, we walk and try to find a way to reach this wish. Whatever we wish may not be real or going to be real. But this feeling of wishing which makes us feel good and keep on wishing, sometimes, in certain limit we may feel it’s useless to have wishes. That’s when the harsh facts of everyday we encounter, the incidents, the people, the moments which is going to influence us to shape and or may distort our wishes. At that moment, I assess the wish list, will delete some to be in line with the external environment. Some wishes are scraped and left me with these shorter list.

I am happy with this short list wishes of mine yet I don’t know how long they are going to last. Part of me says if this wishes to become real, I may need to put dense preservation not only from my side but other party affected or contributed as well. Without them, the wish is nothing anyway. This wish list I bet everyone will have it.

Many times when I wish of something is going to happen after every little bits I have put in, it just turned out to be something else. Something that will hold me back to wish again. So, is it really so important that wish MUST comes true? When sometimes it really comes true, that’s perfect! But, when it’s not… It’ll just makes wistful and frightened state of mentality. So what’s the point of wishing wishes to become true? Maybe it’s best to leave it as “wish” – without any level of expectation to become real – for you to keep inside and only you know. It may never gonna happen, but it’s a good way in the sense that you won’t feel lost and bleak inside. You know that the wish is real indeed, it is there, just that whether it makes you feel blessed or not.

MIehh, I have no idea how to explain it when not much things to say anymore.