Today, it rains the whole day.

I was with all my SU friends playing paintball in the morning, watching movies and going back to hall.

Yup, I have just had retreat with them since yesterday and today I came back to my hall.

What day is today? haha, it’s my birthday obviously I know. but, I guess I should adjust my mind so that I can still feel grateful about today despite spending it like one lost child all day.

Worst thing that made this b’day just sucks is the fact that I am still waiting for my internship result. All my friends are not here for me. I am just left like don’t know what to do. Unlike last last year when I was probably in the choir camp, singing and I won’t feel that lonely at least.

Well, I must always remind myself to be grateful that I had a cake from my SU friends yesterday night. Although we didn’t really celebrate it, but that’s really enough. I receive all the wishes from my mom, my sis, my family, my close friends, and my friends. I know they wish the best for me, and I am really grateful. But somehow, I just not that easily feel happy and content about this birthday. Perhaps in one hand is because of my situation, and the timing.

I came back to my room, found my roommate was sleeping and then she went for a meeting. My mom called and I just could not bear my tears rolling out. I am sucks. I know. She talked to me for one hour, she understand what I felt exactly. I was just starting to cry because of her kindness and love, she asked me to go out and celebrate or at least enjoy myself. But, I just can’t do it. I don’t know why. The situation? like everyone is not here? or is it just me? Whatever…

It’s okay, I am really grateful to have her with me. I am grateful to have all the wishes although I know probably some are just kind of “formality” wishes to an acquaintances. But, that doesn’t really matter at all. I would like to say thanks a lot to everyone who have called me or smsed me or fb-ed me to drop by and say “happy birthday”.

This year birthday, I spent it so casually. Yet, I am really really grateful that my family wishes me for all the best, my close friends still remember today, and my friends send their greetings to me as well. I shouldn’t ask for more than this. Probably, somewhere out there, someone who share the same birthday as me wouldn’t receive so much love and care. I should share it with them instead of bemoan myself.

Happy Birthday yea! 🙂 All my best wishes for those who share the same birthday with me! I hope you can enjoy it truly and have great day!

Thanks God for giving me such abundant love and care to me. Thank you for all the supports along the way. I hope I will be tougher inside out, I will be more positive, I will not disappointed anyone, I will be happy throughout my life so that I can share it with everyone I love.