Could it be because they are too greedy that they forgot to look around for a while?

Could it be because they are too captivated by the nature of life that they forgot to look into themselves for just a moment?

What they really want out of this life?

In the end, they realized they are too late to change anything. Regret. Sad. what is the feeling, I wonder…

I bemoan myself, to be the observer of that painful or rather I should put it as the beauty of reality. Unexpected, in your face, inevitable. But, who knows I may face that reality one day though I never expect it to happen. Hah, but that’s reality we can’t escape anyway. It can take in any different forms like how it wants itself to be.

*reflecting on a mom who realized that her only son has chosen not to talk about his life, and has lied to the point that she couldn’t even derive any hypothesis as to why this could happen to her and her son.