Hello! Welcome! 

I am Rhyn, that’s my nick name though, but I hope you don’t mind with that name. ^^ Some of my friends are calling me “bunny” recently as well, so you can choose to call me with either one of them.

I am a female, Chinese-Indonesian. *If you don’t know what is Chinese-Indonesian, maybe you could try to search at wikipedia. ;p* Well, currently studying Communication studies at one of top university in Singapore, NTU. Most probably I will specialize in Public Relation and Advertising when I get to my third year undergraduate study. I hope I can do well to get to that division. Then, I really enjoy to sing a lot, I sing for myself most of the time. But, when in groups of people who like singing, I will love to perform together with them. So, that’s the reason why I am in choir. Yay! ^^Should I be happy about it? I like Japanese songs recently, so maybe I will post some review about it sometimes. I bet you will enjoy it 🙂

This is my first official blog. I have some other blogs but they embed in friendster and multiply. Since those blogs didn’t allow me to do a lot of stuffs like blogroll, customize layout and many other features, and those blogs in friendster doesn’t give personal feeling of having blog so, I OPEN THIS BLOG 😀

This is just the short one about me again, but you will definitely know me more as you read my blog because I am the type who write more about reflection of myself, and that’s the main purpose of this blog. However, don’t be afraid of boredom, I promise to give some excited stuff in it too. 🙂

Nice to meet you all!