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Rose Festival Navy Ships, originally uploaded by Zeb Andrews.



Do your best and do it according to your own inner standard – call it conscience – not just according to society’s knowledge and judgment of your deeds.”

Heyo guys, it’s been quite some time that I post something in this blog. Yeahh, actually I’ve just came back from the choir competition trip in Olomouc, Czech Republic (2 June – 10 June 2008). 😀 N guess what? We won A GOLD as folklore category winner.Of course, with the guidance from our charming conductor Mr. Yong Chee Foon (just found out how to spell his name correctly though :p) ! :DDDD Thank you so much Mr. Yong. 😉

The whole trip was just amazing, fun, satisfying and memorable…

I am pretty sure that all of us must have enjoyed it, although with slightly poor accommodation, always extremely-salty-food, sour bread, and distracting flying-dandelion during outdoor practices. Everyday, we have to got up early in the morning for breakfast. After that, we roamed around the city square with the best-guide-ever, Katerina (hope I spell her name correctly). She showed us a lot of things in that small peaceful city of Olomouc, many cathedrals, churches, famous fountains, buildings etc. She explained many interesting stories behind those artifacts too. We also took lots of pictures during the daily tour in Olomouc. All the pics take up almost all of my 4GB storage SD card! :p Although Olomouc is not as fascinating as other cities in Europe, I still enjoyed everything of it. Probably because of the people I went with that I enjoyed the trip so much. Also every little things we did during that one week trip. Searching around for statues to take pics with, going to dessert shop to try as much as we can, wandering through small alley of the city square, practices in the parking lot :p, complaining the salty food, singing along on the way to restaurants, our lame conversation in the bus with Mr. Yong of why he stopped being an Auditor..

Okay, this conversation was so bizarre that I can’t stop myself to share with you all. hahahaha..

In the bus, we were chatting about his career while the bus suddenly stopped. So, I asked , “Mr. Yong, why do you stop?” Then he answered me, ” Oh, it’s traffic light.” At first, all of us just stunned and didn’t know what he was talking about.. then, we started to laugh so loud because of his answer. XD

Do you get the joke? I was actually asking why he stopped being an auditor, yet he answer me that the bus stopped because it’s traffic light. After that, we all teased him for his unrelated answer. hahahah.. (oh, I hope he is not reading this, if not he will ask me to do soloist..)

Well, after that we also went to this Chinese restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia. The food taste WEIRD.. hahahha.. what do u expect of chinese food in Europe anyway.. I dun get it, why does our tour package gave us Chinese food to eat.. :\

Then the unconcern tour guide in Bratislava(different guide from our Katerina hor) made the whole journey so irritating.. hahaha u must look at the expression of everyone… here… *hmphh* well, i shouldn’t laugh at her.. *plak2* (I was busy taking pic when she busy explaining overload information to all of us… :p)

Anywayy, so the story goes on.. Well, before this trip, the day before this trip we were actually still in Olomouc waiting for the result of our competition.
Everyone were quite nervous except our conductor. He seemed calm and still can happily posing with his toy, oops, I mean the toy he bought for his niece.. 🙂

The result came out, n we won.. That minute made us screamed like hell, all of us screamed, laughed then we cried proudly… :’) Finally, we can win the GOLD…. :DDD That moment was unexplainable and unforgettable for me, it was the first time I felt that way. Achieving something that not only me who was working for it, but everyone all of us pursuing one goal, n we won it… 🙂 Thank God…

We also went to party at the night after the competition. That party was lousy, I thought of fabulous party with wine, expensive alcohol and stuff, but there was none.. huhuuh.. we only got tickets to redeem juices.. bleahh… n the place was just weird for clubbing or party. We danced and just have fun there together. hahahha.. I felt bad for Mr. Yong, coz he was supposed to dance after we made deal to got up, then my friend asked him to be the pole. hahahah rimboo.. OMG! That was so wrong, sorry Mr. Yong..-.- hahaha.. I had bad experienced with those czech guys though. I didn’t like how they forced us to go and dance. Anyway, forget that. Apart from that, everything just fine :)))) After that, we had long walk back to the Hotel again.. 🙂

To be honest, I really enjoyed the whole trip! I missed the whole trip, the people, the places, the feeling, the small little discovery, everything… If I can, I want to go back again, n treasure every little moment when I complained.. I should have enjoyed 100% n not complained about single thing… hmm.. thinking about it again, it makes me feel sad. The journey is over, and we got back to our own world. We may not be able to do those picture taking with lame poses anymore, we may not be able to chat as freely anymore. 😦 I hope we will have chance to do that again…. *pray*

So, here we go…. the picssss!! I will post more pics after these.. Or maybe when I remembered things to add on, I will continue the story.. hehehe 🙂 For now, there will be picsss… 😀

Departing from Singapore-Dubai-Vienna

With our conductor in Vienna

ohh, in the airport… These are all the girls!

Delicious dessert from Cafe 87, Davin’s discovery right? 😀

In front of cathedral with Van 🙂

Always the same restaurant, hehehe..

The competition !!!

We Won GOLD, mewmewmew.. :p

We rock Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna! XD

garden in Bratislava, we act cute ^^

Totem ^^, pras, so bad u sit on him, huh? 😉

Pretty ducky inside the Palace, Vienna =)

With our amused conductor ^^

Our Ice-creams.. nyummyy 😀

For Closing of today post, here we go…

Very very salty food we always had during the trip XD

More pics if i have time.. hahahha…



Meaning of Life~

There are so many meaning of someone's life. Those meanings though are hard to understand and detected, people still searching for the meanings. I know that my life will only meaningful, when I realized the meaning of my life. Until then, I am still a wanderer in this one and only life. I won't feel sad even I still blur and have no clue about what my life will be. "All things happen for reason(s)" will be in my dictionary forever. And because of reason(s) that I will still live on and smile. :)

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