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This is gonna be ranting session! ignore…

What the hell is going on here now?? I am stuck in school like yesterday without having my dinner. Well, you can say that it’s my own fault not to just leave the school and grab my meal. But, there’s no way to do that if I have to finish and not coming back again tomorrow. At least I have to stay here because I see this as my responsibility.

But really I have enough with this. I have no idea why at the first place I am so naive to involve in two organizations. It won’t look as if they are two big ones, just that I really think that I won’t be able to do this anymore. Looking towards to let go one of them in January.

Basically, I was stuck in school without my dinner, just finished my make-up tutorial*extremely confusing one. Now, I am supposed to catch the last bus and go to the event I supposedly HAVE to attend. Hell yeah, now I am still waiting for the file to be rendered and it will take another hour to be completed. Is this really my work! Man… I don’t mind doing this, just that isn’t there any of you can help me and supposed to help me out??? *I refer to them!

What kind of people are you all? Please be more considerate, and help me a single bit! Now, I have to go to the event, but I can’t since no one will be able to help me look after the file in the school. And, if I have to go now, I will waste all my efforts and time since yesterday! I just need you to help me LOOK AFTER the file. THAT’s ALL!

OH well, you can say this is my responsibility again. But why not helping me when I am always the one being blame when supposedly your task are not properly managed? why should I be the one who have to bear with whatever things you should be in charge with..

Ah well, enough this is enough man!

This will be the last time I rant about this! I am gonna kill this by tomorrow, and that’s all!

I learn a very “INSIGHTFUL” and “FRUITFUL” lessons today..

DO NOT take too many RESPONSIBILITIE(S), and never ever be a nice person or you will be stepped above your head!


*sorry if I rant too much, I just can’t stand it*


Meaning of Life~

There are so many meaning of someone's life. Those meanings though are hard to understand and detected, people still searching for the meanings. I know that my life will only meaningful, when I realized the meaning of my life. Until then, I am still a wanderer in this one and only life. I won't feel sad even I still blur and have no clue about what my life will be. "All things happen for reason(s)" will be in my dictionary forever. And because of reason(s) that I will still live on and smile. :)

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